Weight Loss and the Mind 3.0 | Health | Fitness | NLP #121

Do you work out for fun? Channel your inner child and start enjoying your exercise.

Try new sports and activities. Mia St. Aubin shares some of her favorite sports, that she has recently taken up again.

Discover how to control your weight and move towards success.

Weight Loss and dieting are an epidemic in today's society. It is more a function of how we think than anything else. There are hundreds of diets and exercise programs out there. Yet 'yo-yo' dieting is a cliche. We all know that there is more to it.

Why do we eat foods we KNOW add weight and inches to our waist and hips? Why do we sit in front of the tube for hours at a time instead of going for that wonderful walk in the park? The answer lies in our MINDS. www.freeweightlosspodcast.com

Join Scott Paton each week as they talk about the changes in your mind that will change your body and spirit.

We all know that we should eat better and exercise more. Why don't we?

It's what goes on between our ears.

At Weight Loss and The Mind, we deal with the emotional issues that prevent you from doing what you already know you should be doing.

Listen to us every week at www.FreeWeightLossPodcast.com

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