Why you aren't losing weight Part 2 | Weight Loss and the Mind | Podcast #127

Scott Paton and Fitness Experts

Nov 12 2013

Mia St-Aubin share even more reasons why you may not be achieving your weight loss goals. When you have a busy lifestyle, you may feel you don't have time to sit down and eat.

Sugar: Fake sugar is also a problem. Drink water. Hydrate yourself. 2 litres of water daily.

How can help your partner with their weight goals? Make sure you work with your partner to support them and ask them to support you in your goals.

Extra calories live in toppings and condiments. If you cut down the fatty stuff you add to salads and meats, your waist will love you.

Shout out to Tracy McLees Pulley who has been doing nothing but excelling in her 90 Day Challenges! Constantly growing, learning, working hard and it is paying off everyday! I am very proud of you lady keep up the great work!

Mia St-Aubin and Scott Paton share their secrets for losing weight the healthy way. Mia is the 2012 Visalus Cover Model.

Reigning Vi Model and 5-Star Ambassador, Mia St-Aubin of Ontario, shares what she gained from the experience after winning in 2012.

“Gracing the cover of The Challenge Magazine and becoming the Vi Model has literally changed the direction and pace of my entire life! The entire experience taught me perseverance, dedication and determination. It showed me that no matter what you want to achieve, if you prepare, work hard and never give up, it will all come together eventually.

We all know that we should eat better and exercise more. Why don't we?

It's what goes on between our ears.

At Weight Loss and The Mind, we deal with the emotional issues that prevent you from doing what you already know you should be doing. Visit our site at http://www.weightlossandthemind.com.

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Each podcast, Scott delves into a different topic related to using your mind to achieve that long-sought-after goal -- a healthy body. <br><br> Discover how to stop the yo-yo dieting forever. Join our free community at <a href=http://www.weightlossandthemind.com>www.weightlossandthemind.com</a> About Scott Paton and Fitness Experts

Our mission is to spread physical, mental and spiritual health throughout the world.

Achieve the health, strength and fitness you desire.

Break through barriers, leap over obstacles, walk through fear and become all you've ever wanted to be.

Are you one of the thousands of people who battle daily with their weight? Do you make promises to yourself to get healthy and fit, only to get sidetracked after a few weeks of being disciplined? Have you lost and then re-gained those same pounds countless times? Do you believe that your weight has held you back from achieving your dreams?

If any of the above sound familiar then you may be interested in our podcast.

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