Weight Loss and the Mind - Special Report

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Sep 02 2006

As promised in our last podcast here is the link to download the Special Report: "How To Unlock Your Mind's Ability To Enhance Your Body". Inside this report you'll discover: • How the magic of the subconscious mind will safely make your metabolism burn 'white-hot' whenever and wherever you choose. • How to increase your motivation, develop new eating habits, and put an end to the control that fattening foods and beverages have over you. • How to obtain a new way of thinking so you can overcome those nagging cravings for fattening foods. • How to make healthy, nonfattening foods look, smell and taste better than ever before. • How to lose weight easily, quickly and permanently without having to use your will power or diet. • How negative emotions (anger, frustration, guilt, etc.) have control over how much, when, where and what you eat. • How to supercharge your subconscious mind with special messages that make you want achieve your desire weight goal and stay there. • How to learn to recognize your body's early warning signal of feeling full and content. Click here: http://www.podcasting-unleashed.com/weightlossreport.exe Call our audio comment line: 206-984-4771 Technorati Tags: , , , , , ,, , , , , .

Each podcast, Scott delves into a different topic related to using your mind to achieve that long-sought-after goal -- a healthy body. <br><br> Discover how to stop the yo-yo dieting forever. Join our free community at <a href=http://www.weightlossandthemind.com>www.weightlossandthemind.com</a> About Scott Paton and Fitness Experts

Our mission is to spread physical, mental and spiritual health throughout the world.

Achieve the health, strength and fitness you desire.

Break through barriers, leap over obstacles, walk through fear and become all you've ever wanted to be.

Are you one of the thousands of people who battle daily with their weight? Do you make promises to yourself to get healthy and fit, only to get sidetracked after a few weeks of being disciplined? Have you lost and then re-gained those same pounds countless times? Do you believe that your weight has held you back from achieving your dreams?

If any of the above sound familiar then you may be interested in our podcast.

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